Return on Life

Are you getting the highest and best return in all areas of your life?

Most financial service firms only focus on the return of your investments or what they call "ROI".  While this is important, it is very short-sighted.  Money is only a means to an end and if all that matters to you is how much is in your bank and investment accounts, then you are missing out!  We encourage our clients to take a much bigger and broader perspective when it comes to thinking about their life and how we can help them.  

It is important to understand the impact of money on every area of your life and learn ways how you can use your money to help improve these areas. Our approach focuses on helping our clients achieve their best Return on Life or what we call "ROL".  Since money is a vessel that can help you navigate where you want to go in life, it is important to control your money, instead of letting money control you.  We help our clients do this through our Return on Life (ROL) process.  

Each area below is measured and ranked based on your current level of satisfaction and importance.  Then through mutual collaboration, we work with you to help you discover and implement strategies which will eventually lead to higher scores and more satisfaction in these areas. Through this process, we help you attain your highest and best ROL possible!

What is your current ROL?

Find out where you stand in your overall Return on Life? What areas are most important to you? How well are you doing in these areas? Where can you improve? Get our free assessment.  

Return on Work


Are you getting satisfaction and meaning from the work you do?  Are you compensated well for this?

Return on Residence


Is your home the right place for you?  Can you comfortably afford to live there?

Return on Achievement


Are you pleased with your accomplishments in life?  Have you been able to fund your needs and pursue your aspirations?  

Return on Learning


Are you effectively using your finances towards education for you and your family?  

Return on Leisure


Are you able to fund your hobbies and interests?  Are you taking the time to visit the place you would like to see and do the things you would like to do?  

Return on Health


Are you able to achieve and maintain your health without financial stress?

Return on Relationships


Have your relationships not been adversely affected by money matters?  Can you take care of the people important to you?

Return on Purpose


Are you living your life on purpose?  Are you able to live and give generously of your time, talent, and/or finances?  

Return on Freedom


Is your money being used in ways that help you feel free?  Do you feel freedom in how you live your life?  

Return on Security


Do you feel secure about your current financial situation?  Are you confident about your financial future?