Is This You?

We work with people who are typically in the same stages in life and who usually have similar challenges, goals, and objectives.  They also have some very specific preferences.   


- Financial Organization - in need of a way to get and stay organized - knowing where all their important financial data and documents are located.

- Savings/Budget - in need of a plan that shows them where all their money is coming in and going out and a way for them to get and stay on track.

- Insurance Protection - in need of ways to protect their family in the event of death, disability or financial hardship.    

- Estate Plan - in need of having their financial assets titled properly as well as an estate plan to ensure their assets pass on to the right people and places they care about. 

- Wealth Creation - in need of ways to invest and grow their wealth over time.  A desire to build a secure financial nest egg.  

- Retirement/Financial Freedom - in need of guidance as to how they can achieve financial independence and either retire or do whatever they want.

Specific Preferences

- A Real Human Being Advisor - they want to work with a real person and not a robot or some hybrid robo/human combination.    

- The Same Human Being Advisor - they want to work with the same person every time and not be passed around to other people.

- No Commissions - they don't want to pay any commissions whatsoever!

- No Sales - they don't want to be sold anything!


- No Proprietary Products - they don't want to be invested in just one firm's offerings (ie - all Vanguard funds ) and not have complete access to every investment available.  

- No Cash Restriction - they don't want to be forced to have to keep all their cash holdings in one particular money market fund (ie - Schwab).

- Fiduciary/Fee Only - they want to work with an Advisor who is held to a fiduciary standard and whose compensation comes only through fees paid by the client.

- CFP - they want to work with someone who is certified by the CFP Board of Standards and maintains this designation through continuous learning.  

- In Person Meetings - they want to meet in person (at least annually).

What Life Stages are you currently in?

Spend 15-20 minutes in our secure online portal answering some questions and get our two free reports to help you better understand your current life stages and how to best navigate through them.